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4 Benefits of Podcasting in Elearning


1. Available 24/7 -The basic advantage of podcasting in education is the portability and convenience of listening to learning resources anytime and anywhere without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Podcasts can be downloaded to all kinds of mobile devices, such as MP3 players,mobile phones, PDAs, and mobile computers. Learning materials downloaded into mobile devices can be listened to by learners in their own time and place.

2. Student Review – A podcast of a lecture that can be downloaded by students can become invaluable study aid for the student. At any given point in time, the student has the podcast available for reference. A student who had difficulty understanding initially, and may not have grasped a topic fully in the classroom, can now learn the material at his or her own pace.

3. Missed Classes – There are certainly many e-learning situations that would benefit from the use of this type of tool. For example, a sick student being able to download a podcast of the days lectures he missed at school, or if a teacher or professor is unable to attend his or her class for some reason, they could make a podcast of their lecture available on a website where students can easily download it. This procedure could easily be implemented to ensure no students miss any lessons or lectures. It is a solution that could be feasible from the primary school level to the university level.

4. Appeals to audio/visual learners – Perhaps, one of the most important pedagogic characteristics offered by podcasting is learning through listening. For many people, listening may be more attractive and less tedious than reading. Listening may motivate and encourage students who do not like reading. Podcasting is also particularly useful when a visual impairment make traditional learning methods more difficult.


Source by Alison Pitman

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