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About Us

Making your dreams come to life

We are a COMMUNITY dedicated to building an ecosystem that will develop our education system. The Teacher’s Village was created to ensure quality education and training for all by bringing together educators and building a conversation centered around quality, innovative and relevant education and skills training.

Our mission

We want to empower all teachers to reduce their workload, become research-informed and develop to be more effective in the classroom. We are also advocates for teacher mental health because we believe it plays a role in the quality of classroom performance.

We want to make education and training accessible to all regardless of one’s location.


  1. To give teachers a professional platform from which to be heard
  2. To support the teaching community by sharing ideas, research; to challenge policy, guidance and publications
  3. To provide teachers across the world with solutions to support their professional lives and working environments
  4. To offer support to others and the chance to publish their work with us, publishing resources we believe in, content that is up to date and inclusive.
  5. Although we receive some income from advertising, we will never promote a company’s product that we do not believe will make a difference to teaching and learning. This income, which represents less than 5 per cent of all content on this site, ensures 95 per cent of our website remains free CPD for teachers.

Professor J. Muuka


Teacher // Founder

Professor J. Muuka

I believe that time has come for us to embrace technology in enhancing education provision. A common saying, “it takes the village to raise a child” is the premise on which this platform is built. Our goal is to ensure that we build a community that will foster quality, relevant education by working together.

This is Our Community, Our Village! 

Lazarus Nyirongo

Marketing & Sales

Kombelwa Sitwala

Content Creation

Gilbert Banda

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