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Becoming an Effective Manager (Working with People)

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About Course

This course, Becoming an Effective Manager, will introduce you to the world of management. We will be looking at a range of topics, including what managers do, what skills they require, and how you can develop as a manager.


What Will You Learn?

  • After studying this course, you should be able to:
  • understand what is meant by management and managerial effectiveness
  • identify the roles which are fulfilled while working as a manager
  • identify managerial activities that contribute to managerial effectiveness
  • identify a cause of stress in managerial life from a range covering mismatches between capabilities and role, player-manager tension and everyday stressors
  • understand time pressures and the need for time management.

Course Content

Becoming an Effective Manager

  • Introduction
  • Learning Outcomes

What do managers actually do?

What is managerial effectiveness?

What does your effectiveness depend on?

Your Job

The demands, constraints and choices of your job
The following section takes you more deeply into the context of management – the particular situation that you work in. The text sets out different types of demands on you – things you must do; different types of constraints – factors that limit what you can do; and choices that you may have. As you read, consider your job in terms of each type of demand, constraint and choice. This will prepare you for Activity 2.

Your management skills

Transitioning into Management

Making the Transition

Recognising pressure and avoiding stress

Managing Your Time



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