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Germination percentage is normally within the range of 80-90%. Some high density spacing for growing Moringa includes 10×10 cm, 10×15 cm, 10x 20 cm and 20x20cm. Seed rates are
Calculated by dividing 10,000 with the spacing being used in meters. For example 10x10cm (0.1m x 0.1m) spacing gives a plant population or seed rate of one million plants per hectare i.e. 10,000/ 0.1m x 0.1m. High density monocropping of Moringa gives the highest leaves yields per unit area.

The newly established field should be allowed enough time to develop strong roots that are capable of absorbing the shocks of in initial cutting before the first harvest is done. This demands that the plants are allowed a minimum of 60 days. Subsequent harvests can be done every 35-40 days interval
After the initial harvest 9 cuttings per year have been reported. In the trials with 1 million plant/ha and 9 cuttings/year over 4 years, the average fresh matter production was 580 metric tons of fresh material per ha/year equivalent to about 174 metric tons of fresh leaves (30% of the total biomass harvested
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