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Building your homeschooling community online

It’s not unusual for parents to gather together in groups to help each others as children. This is been a common practice since the evolution of man. Parents make friends with one another as their children are going through various life stages. 

There are parent groups — both formal and informal — based upon sports, theatre, arts, and more! Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), for example, has been helping and mentoring one another for my whole lifetime. Homeschooling groups are no different. Now that we’re solidly in the digital age, it’s time to build your homeschool community online, too. 

Homeschool Community is a Place for Sharing

Homeschoolers are no strangers to community. They have been collaborating and forming small groups for decades. Your group can extend support with a community on your WordPress website.

Your homeschool group has the opportunity to be the go-to resource. Share curriculum tips, ways to overcome obstacles in learning, and ideas for social activities. Create a marketplace to sell used books, lesson plans, or teaching materials. As any college student knows, books are expensive. It’s not any different with homeschooling. Anyone who has bought Abeka books knows they cost a pretty penny. 

Homeschool Community is a Place for Presentation 

Unit planning is fun — but a lot of work. If homeschooling parents collaborate, this can be much easier. Take a social science subject and incorporate language arts. Math and art can also reinforce those topics. At the end of the unit, a project can be posted or performed online in your online community.

Art can be put on display and even be voted upon for awards. Practice speeches by posting videos online — not just in front of your neighbors or grandparents. How fun! 

Homeschool Community is a Place for Planning

Your online homeschool community is the perfect place to plan events. Being involved in physical activities is an important part of a holistic education. But organizing those activities sometimes feels overwhelming. 

When parents collaborate in their homeschooling group, their individual work is lessened. By dividing the workload, your homeschool group can ensure kids have a variety of activities. Every parent can sign up for a month of PE. Each month can be dedicated to the sport or physical activity of their choice. This can be yoga, dance, soccer drills, or football. 

What’s more is your homeschool group can participate in community-wide events. Coordinate your PE curriculum with your city’s Fun Run. How neat would that be?

Homeschool Community is a Place for Growing

Many people choose homeschooling because of the unlimited growth potential. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be a burden. Often parents choose to homeschool because of the education needs of their child be it learning disabilities or physical illness. Your child benefits from social and collaboration in their education with an online community.

This is why an online community is a good idea. The parents can ensure children’s privacy is protected, for starters, and parents can be in parent-only groups for venting — I mean — support.  

Does Your Homeschool Group Have a Website?

So, does your homeschool group have a website? If not, find a WordPress developer to build a website. Ask your developer to incorporate PeepSo as a way to enhance the homeschool community among both parents and students. Older children can learn to publish blogs, you can host fundraising drives, and more. 

The only limit with your online homeschool community is your imagination. Create your community your way. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today.

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